20th April, 2019

Mahila E-Haat


  • Launched on March 7, 2016, Mahila E-Haat is a unique direct online marketing platform where women entrepreneurs/Self Help Groups (SHGs)/NGOs can display and sell their self-made products and services.
  • The manufactured products and services of women vendors are displayed on the website along with their photograph, description, price, contact number & address of vendors. Hence, it provides a direct interface between buyer and seller.
  • The portal began with an investment of Rs 10 lakh from the Rashtriya Mahila Kosh (RMK), an autonomous body under the Ministry of Women & Child Development.
  • Pushing the “Make in India” initiative of the government through digital marketing platform, the Mahila E-Haat aims to empower and strengthen financial inclusion of women entrepreneurs in the economy.


  • The participating women vendors or women SHGs have to be above 18 years of age to rule out the issue of child labor.
  • All vendors are required to show the Mahila E-Haat logo along with their own brand logos on their products.
  • Goods and services displayed and transacted through the portal should be legal.


  • The portal is web-based with an unlimited reach and allows women entrepreneurs to trade their items without travelling great distances.
  • No need to build additional marketing and technical infrastructure to market their products.
  • The entire business process can be handled through the mobile phone and no commission will be taken from the seller or buyer.
  • The sellers can register their products/services on the portal without paying any listing fee as of now.
  • Since its inception, women entrepreneurs/SHGs/NGOs from 24 states are exhibiting over 2,000 products/services across 18 categories. The business is impacting 3.50 lakh beneficiaries directly and indirectly and over 26,000 SHGs.
  • It helps to showcase a wide of array of products (clothes, bags, gift items, home décor to organic products, tailoring items, pottery and natural products, etc.) and earn revenue through their creative talents.

Documents Required

  • Aadhaar Card

How to Apply

  • Individuals, interested to sell online through the portal, can log in to the website and click on ‘Join Us’ to fill the registration form. Apply here: http://mahilaehaat-rmk.gov.in/
  • The same form can be downloaded and filled, and sent to the WCD Ministry.
  • RMK moderators will then select the products to be displayed and inform the participating vendors upon which the latter must send the Acceptance letter and Undertaking so that their products/services can be displayed.
  • The participating vendors have the sole discretion to price their products and they will be responsible for the quality and legality of products offered.

Relevant Link

You can find the detailed information at: http://mahilaehaat-rmk.gov.in

Contact Information

Rashtriya Mahila Kosh, Ministry of Women & Child Development,
Dr. Durgabai Deshmukh Samaj Kalyan Bhawan,
B-12, 4th Floor Qutab Institutional Area,
New Delhi - 110016
26526612 / 26567187 / 26567188
Email: ed_rmk@nic.in / rmkosh@gmail.com

Shri. Saravanan R (Deputy Director, Rashtriya Mahila Kosh)
919750693920 / rmkosh@gmail.com

Rashmi Saxena Sahni (Joint Secretary)

Nitin Goal
Jr. Consultant (Mahila E-haat)

Ankit Pathak
Jr. Consultant (Mahila E-haat)