20th April, 2019

Teacher Education Scheme (Linked To Strengthening Of Teachers Training Institutes)


Teacher’s Training and Education has always been of paramount significance in the Indian context. The initiative to strengthen elementary and basic education had started in the year 1987 when the Indian Government launched ‘Scheme of Restructuring and Re-organization of Teacher Education’. The present scheme is an extension and revision of the main plan.

  • Most of the schools and educational institutes in the rural areas lack the support of highly efficient teachers.
  • The Teacher Education scheme creates endless opportunities for training primary and secondary-level teachers.


The scheme aims at strengthening the educational infrastructure of the country. The unique highlights of this program reflect its benefits:

  • Setting up District level institutes for teachers’ training
  • Strengthening of secondary and higher-secondary level teachers’ training
  • Empowering State Councils or SCERTs
  • Creating opportunities for advanced studies and research


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