20th April, 2019

National Food Security Act


  • The National Food Security Act (NFSA), 2013 is an act of Indian parliament.
  • Its main aim is to offer subsidised good grains to nearly one-third of India’s entire population.
  • It was out as a law on September 12th, 2013 and retroactive to 5th July 2013.
  • TheNFSA converts into legal entitlements for the current food security programs of Indian Government.
  • It comprises of Integrated Child Development Services schemeMidday Meal Scheme and Public Distribution System.
  • The NFSA also addresses maternity entitlements.
  • The MDM scheme and Integrated Child Development Services are termed as universal, in nature.
  • On the other hand, the Public Distribution System (PDS) will cover two-third of the entire population. This PDS comprises of 75% of rural sector and 50% of urban sectors.


Documents Required

Antyodya Anna Yojanaration(AAY) cards are issued to families with income of less than Rs. 250/- per capita per month. Under the expanded Antyodaya Anna Yojna, exclusive AAY cards are also issued to Senior Citizens who without earnings, widows and families looked after by widows, terminally ill and physically handicapped people.

For obtaining exclusive AAY card the applicant must submit application form duly attested by the Municipal Councillor or Village Sarpanch, two passport size group family photographs and an affidavit duly specified. A Green coloured ration card is issued to the Antyodaya beneficiaries.


  • Under NFSA, the beneficiaries covered by PDS will receive 5kg of food grains per month, at lowest rates possible.
  • The food grains over here comprises of rice, wheat and millet.
  • Rice will cost Rs. 3 per kg only, for each person.
  • You need to pay a mere amount of Rs.2 only for a kilogram of wheat.
  • Millets or coarse grains will cost less tha than 1 rupee per kilogram.
  • Children from 4 months to 6 years, lactating mothers and pregnant women will receive free cereals daily.
  • The amount of food grains has been increased for malnourished children.

How to Apply:

The eldest female in the household will be treated as the head. They have to go to any Food and Security office where the assistants will help them fill out a form.

They would require Aadhar card for everyone in the family, residence proof, in come certificate and also a ration card.

Download the form: http://www.jind.nic.in/notice/Annexure1.pdf

Department of Food and Public Distribution
Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution
Department of Food & PD
Krishi Bhawan,
New Delhi - 110001.
Phone: 23382504
Email: asit.halder@nic.in