19th January, 2020

Vidyadhan scholarship program


The Sarojini Damodaran Foundation offers the Vidyadhan Scholarship Program to facilitate the college education of meritorious students from economically challenged families. It is operational in the following states: Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Padesh and Telanagana.


  • The students must have cleared the 10th standard class in any Indian school.
  • The students who are selected will be granted a two year scholarship from the Foundation. If they do well, they will be granted scholarship for pursuing any degree course of their interest.
  • The scholarship amount for graduation courses can vary from 10,000 rupees to 60,000 rupees per year depending on the course and duration. However it is compulsory for the selected students to attend the mentoring programs from the Foundation.

How to Apply? :

  • In order to apply, you require a personal Email Account to apply online. Please do not use the email id of cyber café/DTP centre because all future communications will be sent to the registered email id. If you do not possess an email ID, create a new account in www.gmail.com or with any other email service providers.
  • You will be asked for details while registering a new account:

First Name: Mention your first name as per your educational records.

Last Name: Mention your last name as per your educational records.

Email ID: Mention your email address and please do not forget to regularly check this email account for our messages. For future login, use the email id.

Vidyadhan Password: Choose a complex password for the user name you have created above. Password should comprise of at least 8 characters. This password is not same as the password you have created for the email id. When you log into the vidyadhan application next time, you have to use the email id and the vidyadhan password you have created. If you ever forget the password then you can get it back by clicking "Forgot Password" link in the Home Page.

  • Click on "Apply Now " button. An email will be sent to your email account with account activation link.
  • Open your email in a new window. Open the account activation email. Click on the activation link given in that email. This will open the home page with a message that your account is activated and a login form to go further.
  • Please login with the email id and the vidyadhan password that you have entered in before while registering a new account.
  • After you login you can see a link "Help" on the main menu. Click on that link if you want to read help and instructions for creating an application, updating and tracking it.
  • Please select the correct scholarship program from the list available programs and click on the 'Apply Now' button to create your application.
  • After creating the application you can change it by clicking on Edit Application on top of the application.
  • After you complete the application and submit, you will receive a message “submission successful”. Note that the application will be regarded as complete only after you upload the mandatory documents and photograph.
  • Please check your email regularly for communication and updates from SDF.