30th September, 2020

Scheme For Relief And Rehabilitation Of Rape Victims


The National Commission for Women (NCW) has decided to extend useful support to rape victims. NCW seeks support from Supreme Court, Domestic Working Women’s Forum, and the Union of India to manage this scheme.

The scheme is applicable for the entire country and shall be implemented in every area where a complaint has been lodged by a rape victim or her parents, relatives, commission, or organization.

The scheme aims at identifying and convicting the offender thus taking severe legal actions against the person.


The ‘Scheme for Relief and Rehabilitation of Victims of Rape, 2005’ is an effective step towards improving conditions of the rape victims. Some of the beneficial impacts of this scheme include:

  • Legal attention to the victim
  • Medical facilities and services initiated by the Government
  • Financial support, shelter, and other service assistance
  • Necessary support for dealing with mental problems and anguish


Get the complete scheme and the clauses included in it at http://ncw.nic.in/PDFFiles/Scheme_Rape_Victim.pdf.