30th September, 2020

National Mental Health Program


The Government of India launched the National Mental health program (NMHP) to improve the institutional care programs pertaining to different mental health conditions in the country.
• The main aim of this program is to extend effective treatments and care to numerous patients across the country.
• Those belonging to the unprivileged sections will receive special medical attention.
• Launched in the year 1982, the NMHP also had a subsidiary in 1996.
• Known as the District Mental Health Program or DMHP, the scheme aimed at ensuring early detection and targeted treatments for mentally ill people.


• To ensure availability and accessibility of minimum mental health care for all in the foreseeable future, particularly to the most vulnerable and underprivileged sections of population.
• To encourage application of mental health knowledge in general health care and in social development.
• To promote community participation in the mental health services development and to stimulate efforts towards self-help in the community.


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Benefits :

As a noble initiative by the Government, the program offers the following benefits:

  • Early diagnosis of the disease
  • Effective treatment for all
  • Targeted training
  • Public awareness training
  • Perfect and targeted monitoring of treatments
  • Modernization of treatments and mental hospitals
  • Evaluation and care

Documents & Application

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For complete information on this mental health program, please log on to http://www.mohfw.nic.in/index1.php?lang=1&lid=1962&sublinkid=2381&level=2.


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