19th January, 2020

Dena Shakti Scheme


This Scheme is offered by Dena Bank. It aims at providing assistance to women entrepreneurs.

The following activities /sectors are covered under this scheme:

  • Agriculture & allied activities
  • Small Enterprises (Direct and Indirect Finance)
  • Micro and small (manufacturing) enterprises
  • Micro and small (service) enterprises which include small road and water transport operators, small business professional and self employees and all other service enterprises
  • Retail Trade
  • Micro Credit
  • Education
  • Housing

The maximum ceiling limits will be as per the directives of RBI stipulated for various sectors under priority sector such as loans upto:

  • Rs 20lacs under retail trade,
  • Rs 20lacs under education and housing and
  • Rs 50,000/- under micro credit

as well as Bank's specific schemes circulated to branches /offices from time to time.



Women benefit from a 0.25% reduction on the interest rate.