22nd October, 2018

National Rurban Mission (NRuM)


Also known as Shyama Prasad Mukherji Rurban Mission, a cluster of villages will be developed while ensuring that the features of rural community life are also preserved under the National Rurban Mission (NRuM). This mission was launched in September 2016.

The mission focuses on equality and inclusiveness while providing urban facilities to these villages. This will lead to the creation of a cluster of ‘Rurban villages’.

The National Rurban Mission (NRuM) seeks to encourage local economic development by reducing poverty and unemployment in rural areas. It will help improve basic services as well as create well-planned ‘rurban’ clusters.

The mission aims to bridge the rural-urban divide. This divide can be economic, technological or those related to facilities and services. It will also work towards spreading development in the region and attracting investment in rural areas.

The cluster will include fourteen components such as Skill development training linked to economic activities, Agro-Processing and Warehousing, Digital Literacy, Sanitation, Provision of piped water supply, Solid and liquid waste management, Village streets and drains, Street lights, Fully equipped mobile health unit, higher education facilities, Inter-village road connectivity, Citizen Service Centres--for electronic delivery of citizen centric services/e-gram connectivity, Public transport and LPG gas connections.




How Selection of Rural Clusters will be made

  • Ministry of Rural Development will adopt a scientific process for selections of clusters. This will involve an objective analysis of the demography, economy, tourism and pilgrimage significance and transportation corridor impact at the District, Sub District and Village level.
  • After this analysis, the Ministry will suggest a list of sub districts to the State. The State Governments will then select the clusters following a set of indicated principles included in the Framework for Implementation.
  • These clusters will comprise various Gram Panchayats which will be selected according to their geographic locations.
  • Every village with a population of 25,000-50,000 persons will be covered under the scheme.
  • In deserts, hilly or tribal areas, villages with population size of about 5,000-15,000 will be included.
  • Clusters will be selected by a separate method in tribal and non-tribal districts.

The functioning of these clusters will be governed by the Gram Panchayats.


  • The twin objectives of the scheme include strengthening rural areas and reducing the burden on urban areas. This will enable balanced regional development and growth of the country. The scheme will thus benefit the rural as well as urban areas of the country simultaneously.
  • The Mission also has an Innovation budget towards facilitating research, development and capacity building.

 Documents Required

  • Details of clusters selected need to be sent by State Level Nodal Agency (SNA) to the Ministry in the prescribed format.
  • Utilization Certificate for the financial year must be submitted. 

Stepwise Process to be followed by the states to initiate the NuRM 

  • Designation of a State Level Nodal Agency (SNA)
  • Constitution of a State Level Empowered Committee (SLEC)
  • Identification of State Technical Support Agencies (STSAs)
  • Selection and approval of Clusters
  • Setting up of District Level Committees and Preparation of Integrated Cluster Action Plans (ICAPs)
  • Setting up of State Project Management Unit (SPMU)
  • Setting up of District Project Management Unit (DPMU) and Cluster Development and Management Unit (CDMU)
  • Approval & Vetting of ICAP by SLEC
  • Submission of ICAPs &Critical Gap Funding (CGF) application to Ministry
  • Preparation of Detailed Project Reports (DPRs) followed by submission of approved DPRs and CGF applications to the SLEC
  • Submission of approved CGF application to the Ministry
  • Commencement of site activities


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Contact Information

Ms Alka Upadhyay,Joint Secretary