20th April, 2019

Members of Parliament Local Area Development (MPLADS)


  • Began in December 1993, this scheme was initially under the control of Ministry of Urban Development but is now overseen by Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation (MOSPI)
  • This scheme enables Members of Parliament (MPs) to recommend works of developmental nature with emphasis on creation of durable community assets.
  • It a centrally sponsored scheme and non-lapsable funds are released as grant-in-aids to district authorities.

Both the Members of Rajya Sabha & the Members of Lok Sabha are entitled for this fund.



  • Each Sitting-Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, is eligible for an annual entitlement of Rs 5 crores, which will be released in two equal installments of Rs 2.5 crores each.
  • Lok Sabha Members can recommend work within their constituencies.
  • Elected Members of Rajya Sabha can recommend work within the state of election.


  • The scheme mandates for 15% of the fund i.e. Rs 75 lakhs to be spent on developing areas inhabited by Scheduled Castes.
  • Another 5% of the fund i.e. Rs 37.5 lakhs is to be given to works recommended for areas inhabited by Scheduled Tribe population.
    MPLADS work can be implemented in the areas affected by natural calamity (fire, drought, flood, pest attack, landslide) or biological & chemical hazards.
  • In ‘Calamity of severe nature’ an MP may recommend works upto Rs 1 crore.
  • Funds from MPLADS may be converged with MGNREGA with the objective of creating durable assets and employment-generation.
  • List of all completed and ongoing works is displayed at the District Authority Office and posted in the website for information of general public.
  • All citizens have Right to Information on any work, its’ expenses and concerned agencies under MPLADS. The District authorities are responsible to provide such information.
  • MPLADS can be utilized for welfare of physically challenged.
  • Fund may also be used to make habitable arrangements for animals, or, to buy ambulances and transport vehicles for animals.
  • Purchase of books for public library or purchase of computers for government aided institutions can also be recommended.
  • Acquisition of land or establishment of any commercial unit is prohibited under MPLADS.
  • Works at places of religious worship is also banned to stop promoting a personal faith/religion.

Documents required

Members of Parliament can fill up personal and work details in the website of Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation (www.mplads.gov.in). Details that need to be provided are Member’s Name, MP type, District, State/Constituency, Bank account number and Bank branch.

How to Apply 

Members of Parliament are required to recommend eligible work on the MPs letter head with his/her signature. These letters are addressed to the district authority indicating the nature of work, basic work details and work location, and priority type.

(District Authority is responsible for sanctioning and timely and effective implementation of such recommended works. Sanctions are normally issued within 75 days of receipt of the letter.)

The Application may be sent in written too. Refer to Annexure III in below link:


Rajya Sabha MPs are also required to fill up the application form available at the ministry website (www.mplads.gov.in) indicating the choice of the district (district address) for implementation and release of MPLADS funds.

Members of Parliament can also log in to www.mplads.gov.in with their username and password and add work recommendations by filling details in their accounts.

Citizens may request their Local MPs for a certain work, as per the guidelines of the MPLADS.

Relevant Link 

You can find detailed information on the scheme at:

Contact Information

Ministry of Statistics & Programme Implementation
Sardar Patel Bhawan, Parliament Street
New Delhi-110 001