20th October, 2019

Central Victim Compensation Fund scheme


By introducing the Central Victim Compensation Fund scheme (CVCF), the Indian government aims at offering relief to victims of social crimes, acid attacks, human trafficking, violence, rape and women injured in cross border firing. The government has introduced this scheme, with an initial corpus of Rs 200 crores.

Although, there has been no uniformity in the compensatory amount and an absurd disparity is found in amounts paid by state governments. The amounts have varied from Rs 10,000 to Rs 10 lakh.


Victims shall meet the following criteria before applying for the CVCF scheme:

  • Applicant shouldn’t receive any compensation from any other government sources at the central and state levels for such tragedy or injury.
  • The submission of declaration of being a victim is also important.
  • The injury or loss suffered by the victim should have devastating effects on the family earnings and dependants, if any.
  • Inability to arrange for the means to arrange medical treatment needed due to such physical/mental injury
  • If the offender is unidentifiable and untraceable but the victim is identifiable, the victim or his dependants may also apply for grant of compensation.


The CVCF program or scheme is a notable initiative by the Indian Government. Some of the remarkable benefits of this scheme include:

  • Offering financial support to victims of violence, acid attacks, rape, human trafficking and other types of violent incidents
  • Reducing disparity in the distribution of financial benefits in the states and UTs
  • Proper and immediate implementation of the CVCF scheme in States and Union Territories

Documents Required

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How to Apply

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For a detailed report of the CVCF compensation scheme, visit:                                          http://www.pib.gov.in/newsite/mbErel.aspx?relid=133376.

The prescribed compensation is as listed.

SI. No. Description of Injures / loss Minimum Amount of Compensation
1 Acid attack Rs. 3 lakhs
2 Rape Rs. 3 lakhs
3 Physical abuse of minor Rs. 2 laths
4 Rehabilitation of victim of Human Trafficking Rs. 1 lakh
5 Sexual assault(Excluding rape) Rs. 50,000/-
6 Permanent Disability(80% or more) Rs. 2 lakhs
7 Death Rs. 2 lakhs
8 Partial Disability (40% to 80%) Rs. 1 lakh
9 Burns affecting greater than 25% of the body (excluding Acid Attack cases) Rs. 2 lakhs
10 Loss of fertility Rs. 50,000/-
11 Loss of foetus Rs. 1.5 lakhs

Women victims of cross border firing:

(a) Death or Permanent Disability (80% or more)

(b) Partial Disability


Rs. 2 lakhs

Rs. 1 lakh

Note: If the victim is less than 14 years of age, the compensation shall be increased by 50% over the specified amount.