20th April, 2019

Rashtriya Arogya Nidhi


  • The Rashtriya Arogya Nidhi (RAN) is a centrally sponsored scheme that provides for financial assistance to BPL-category patients, who are suffering from major life-threatening diseases, to obtain medical treatment at any of the super-specialty Government hospitals/institutes or other Government hospitals.
  • The financial assistance is not given directly to the patients but released in the form of ‘one-time-grant’ to the Medical Superintendent/Director of the hospital in which the treatment is being received.
  • Earlier known as the National Illness Assistance Fund, RAN was established in 1997 under the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare.
  • Revolving funds have been set up in 12 Central Government hospitals/institutions across the country with funds up to Rs. 50 lakh place at their disposal for providing timely treatment and medical assistance to the needy patients.
  • All State Government/UTs are required to set up their respective Illness Assistance Funds to which the Central Government provides funding up to 50 % of contributions made by State Governments/UTs.
  • Details of the 12 Central Government hospitals having revolving funds and states/UTs having Illness Assistance Funds can be found in the Annexure pages of the scheme guidelines:


  • Only patients from families below the poverty line suffering from specified life-threatening diseases are eligible.
    • Assistance for treatment is provided only in Government hospitals.
  • Central & State Government employees / PSU employees are not eligible.
  • Reimbursement of medical expenditure already incurred by the patient for treatment is not admissible under RAN.
  • Diseases of common nature and disease for which treatment is covered under other health schemes are not eligible for grant.


  • Under the RAN scheme, eligible patients can receive financial assistance for treatment up to Rs. 2 lakh in each eligible case and up to Rs. 5 lakh in emergency cases. Eligible patients can also avail treatments exceeding Rs. 5 lakh, but this needs to be referred to the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare for providing funds.
  • RAN scheme offers specialized treatment to life-threatening diseases which include:
    1. Heart Diseases & Heart Surgery;
    2. Cancer treatment;
    3. Kidney & Urinary diseases;
    4. Orthopedics;
    5. Neurology & Neurosurgery;
    6. Endocrinology;
    7. Mental Illness;
    8. Gynecology;
    9.  Any other life-saving medical procedure or treatment considered appropriate for financial assistance.

A detailed list of diseases/categories of treatment to be provided grant is available in Annexure-1 of scheme guidelines.

Documents Required

  • Application form in the prescribed proforma
  • Income Certificate (in original)
  • A copy of attested Ration Card

How to Apply

To avail financial assistance under RAN, the following documents/information need to be sent to the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare:

  • An application form in the prescribed format with medical report duly signed by the Treating Doctor/HOD and countersigned by the Medical Superintendent of the government hospital where the patient is receiving treatment.
  • Monthly Income Certificate (in original) of the patient/parents/earning family members, duly certified by the BDO / Tehsildar / Collector / SDM / District Officer/Municipal Officer.
  • A copy of the Ration Card duly attested by Gazetted Officer

The proposal is technically appraised and approved by the concerned authorities of the Ministry, upon which financial assistance is issued to the hospital for treatment of eligible patients.

Relevant Link

You can find the detailed information at: http://mohfw.gov.in/sites/default/files/25632541254789653265.pdf

Contact Information

Under Secretary (Grants)
Ministry of Health & Family Welfare,
Room No. 514-A, Nirman Bhavan,
New Delhi-110011
Tel.: 23061986/23061731