18th February, 2019
Women Empowerment and Security Related News

IASEW to empower 10,000 rural women in a year

The Indian Academy of Self Employed Women (IASEW) -- sister organisation of SEWA (Self Employed Women’s Organisation) -- is gearing up to educate and impart skill training to 10,000 women from Gujarat in a year.  The organisation currently trains 2,000 women.

The announcement was made at the IASEW conference. The trade union groups from all over the world gathered at the event to share their experiences of working in informal economy.


IASEW’d director said that it wants to enable 10,000 women to either become leaders in the informal sector. The training would help them join the formal sector in the state in the next one year.

IASEW, also known as SEWA Academy, has already trained more than 10,000 women in the past five years.

Trained women absorption

Thirty per cent women go into the retail sector, another 30 per cent have been absorbed in other service sectors as data operators. Another 30 per cent would complete their schooling or college education for a better future.

IASEW informed the biggest employer of women in the informal economy is the garment sector. Some 30,000 women from SEWA are working in the garment industry.

International Participation

Participants from 16 international delegations attended the event. The five participating countries were Vietnam, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Germany and India.  
Bangladesh: Bangladesh Institute of Labour Studies (BILS) will make efforts by going to the people in rural areas.
Germany: DGB Bildungswerk would help to integrate part-time workers, migrant labour, contract workers into the system.
Vietnam: Vietnam General Confederation of Labour (VGCL) would organise 20% informal workers like hawkers, rickshaw drivers and fisherfolk.
Indonesia: Building and Wood Workers’ International (BWI) has learnt how to encourage women to come out, learn skills and enter the economy