30th September, 2020
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To solve perennial water problems, India signs MoUs with Israel

Taking the bilateral cooperation between India and Israel to the next level, PM Modi and PM Netanyahu signed two agreements in July 2017 to cooperate in areas of water conservation and management. • MoU for water conservation in India: The agreement will help India learn advanced water conservation, water purification and its efficient use from Israel, known globally for their water conservation technology. It will provide succor to the water scarce regions of the vast country and with water conservation, productivity in agriculture will also increase. • MoU on State Water Utility Reform in India: The introduction of reforms on the use of water across states will help India in developing and implementing best practices, thereby India’s water crisis. According to an ISAS Insights research article by Faiza Saleem, India will require a combination of demand and supply management techniques, including technological innovations, to meet the rising water needs of households, industry and agriculture. The article also states that Israeli technology will need linkages with local businesses and people in India for scaling up technological solutions. Legal and regulatory frameworks are required to protect natural resources and the environment. Few Israeli water technologies already making waves in India

  • A water-tech startup, Aqwise has built a water treatment plant to supply potable drinking water to around 2 million residents and tourists in Agra. Using a low-cost and scalable technology that releases polyethylene biofilm carriers, the firm has purified drinking water by cleansing the contaminated river water.
  • Another firm, IDE Technologies has been engaged in water conservation in Chennai which depends on rainfall to fill its four lakes for water supply. Its desalination method has been helping the city to convert sea water into potable water.
  • Israel`s Netafim has been implementing drip irrigation technologies that help Indian farmers conserve precious water.
  • WaterGen, an Israeli firm specializing in air-to-water technology, has recently signed a $ 100 million deal with Vikram Solar to serve remote villages in India. A global leader in water purification, WaterGen`s solar-powered system is able to extract moisture from air to generate water that is safe to drink.

Other recent partnerships between India and Israel

  • The Indian and Israel governments also announced an Israel-India Technology Fund of $ 40 million for boosting tech innovation in the two countries.
  • An agreement has been signed between Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) and Israeli Space Agency (ISA) for cooperation in GEO-LEO optical link and electric propulsion for small satellites. This will give a major boost to Indian space startups.