19th November, 2018
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OurCrowd and LetsVenture ink pact to boost startup funds

Israel-based equity crowd funding platform, OurCrowd will collaborate with India’s online funding platform, LetsVenture in order to boost investment opportunities for Indian and Israeli startups. As part of the partnership, OurCrowd will provide curated deals to Indian investor syndicates managed by LetsVenture, a funding system that makes startup funding an easier process in India. OurCrowd will also exhibit Indian startups on its platform, to enhance international investments and business development prospects.

A win-win for both companies

Another initiative will be to create an India Fund to invest in Israeli, Indian and global startups, chiefly to attract investments from family funds and angel investors in India, as well as from OurCrowd’s global network. LetsVenture also announced plans to facilitate ‘take to market’ activities to provide OurCrowd companies access to the Indian market, scheduled to commence operation in 2018.

OurCrowd signs two deals with Reliance Industries

OurCrowd has plans to set up a Jerusalem-based incubator that will invest in more than 50 Israeli tech firms. The incubator will be overseen by India’s Reliance Industries, along with Hebrew University and Motorola Solutions. OurCrowd has also signed a pact with Reliance Industries, which will enable Indian investors to invest in Israeli companies through OurCrowd and Israeli funds.