29th May, 2020
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PayPal opens technology innovation labs in India

Leading online payments firm, PayPal announced on 2nd August, 2017 the launch of its new technology innovation labs in Chennai and Bengaluru. The labs will serve as platforms for fostering innovation in India and cater to the needs of its evolving startup ecosystem imbued with huge talent pool and diverse merchant profiles. The labs, which are a first in India and third after USA and Singapore, will also be integrated with other ongoing initiatives including PayPal Incubator launched in 2013, with the goal of developing next generation financial technology startups.

Labs featuring advanced and emerging technologies

The innovation labs will actively promote innovation across myriad fields such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science, Internet of things, penetration testing, software defined radios and wireless communication, VR/AR, computer vision and basic robotics.  Next generation hardware and gadgets for PayPal employees  The lab facility will also feature a vast array of hardware and gadgets which include Raspberry Pi with full sensor kit, AlphaBot kit, IoT kit, Amazon Echo, AIY kit, leap motion, 3D printer as well as Proxmark 3 Kit, HackRF One and Ubertooth One for computer security enthusiasts. PayPal employees will have an opportunity to experience and improve on this wide range of equipments. Focusing on productivity, innovation, and education, the facilities promise to serve as forums for employees to synergize efforts, build and refine new and advanced technologies. [irp]