21st January, 2019
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According to the President, Basic Pension Of Ex-Servicemen has Been Increased 2.57 Times

According to the President,Pranab Mukherjee, basic pension of ex-service of Indian Army has recently been increased by 2.57 times, when compared to the pension given on December 31, 2015. This change was mentioned by the President while planning to address some of the ex-servicemen of Gurkha regiments in Indian Army.

Mukherjee is also defined as the supreme commander of armed forces. He launched the discipline and valour of Gurkha soldiers, while guarding Indian borders.

Mukherjee was on a 3-day-visit to Nepal, when he visited the pension office of Gurkha ex-servicemen. Here, larger number of ex-soldiers lives after retirement. The PokharaVallet is the home to maximum soldiers of Gurkha regiments in Indian army.

After reaching the area, India’s President received a warm welcome from people, dressed in their traditional clothes and carrying Nepal and India flags. They had lined up roads from the airport to hotel, where Mukherjee was supposed to stay. Then they even lined up the area from hotel to Gurkha pension office, servicing the ex-servicemen of Gurkha regimen.

The President was in the city for an hour, and people stood throughout the day. Some were playing drums and others were dancing; which created a festive mood.

As per the 7th Pay Commission, basic pension of the ex-servicemen has been increased to 2.57 times under One Rank One Pension scheme, when compared to basic pension as mentioned on last year. According to the President, it is a matter of great pride and satisfaction that the welfare schemes are implemented in India on given time.