22nd January, 2021
MNREGA Related News

Additional 50 Days Employment under MGNREGA to Kerala

KDMA’s recommendations

The Centre sanctioned an additional employment over and above 100 days per household under Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGA) in drought-hit Kerala. Owing to lack in South West monsoon, the Kerala Disaster Management Authority (KDMA) recommended declaration of drought in all districts of Kerala.

State government declares all districts ‘drought-affected’

Based on KDMA’s recommendation, the state government declared all 14 districts ‘drought-affected’. It has also written to the Union Ministry of Rural Development to permit the state to provide up to 150 days of employment under MGNREGA.

Union Rural Development Ministry’s notification

In its notification issued recently, the Union Rural Development Ministry said that in order to meet the increased demands for employment on public works due to the drought situation, in notified drought affected districts 50 days of additional employment will be provided under Section 3(4) of MGNREGA in the financial year 2016-17.

Section 22 of MGNREGA

Under Section 22 of the MGNREGS Act, funds are currently being provided to the states for meeting the cost of employment up to 100 days per household in a financial year.