24th September, 2018
Budget Related News

Why is the Union budget not being pushed back?

On January 25, New Delhi, the Election Commission of India has advised the government not to announce any state-specific scheme in its upcoming budget. This is largely due to the upcoming assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh and Punjab.

The reason behind the budget not being pushed back

The election commission has thought it wise to push back the election because it feels that it should act out of its own purview and also that announcing the budget at a stipulated time is the right of the government in power. An official mentioned that they are just working under the Model Code of Conduct (MCC) and that is largely a moral power.

Strategies to ensure a democratic process

In a letter to Chief Secretaries of State and Chief Electoral Officers of State and Union territories, the Election Commission mentioned that a vote on account is generally taken for 3-4 months if a general election is coming up in the following days.