30th September, 2020
Budget Related News

The after-effects of demonetization on the Union Budget 2017

New Year’s Eve, 2017 saw the Narendra Modi led BJP government resort to popular public opinion in order to alleviate the underlying tensions probed by the demonetisation fiasco. The Union budget 2017 should be no different. The BJP wishes to stress on the fact that Narendra Modi works on the goodwill of the people and will not commit to anything that harms that fact.

Strategies of the government

Information and Broadcasting minister Venkaiah Naidu has highlighted that more pro-people proposals are being considered in the upcoming budget as the PM wants to help a cross-section of the society. There has been a steady rumor that the budget might feature a raised tax exemption from 2.5 to 3 lakhs . Naidu stresses further that this is not to be considered as a ploy to gain more political mileage but rather a relief for those who suffered under earlier black money launderers and organizations.

Criticisms of the government

Congress leader Jairam Ramesh said that the PM didn’t speak on the issue of demonetization and about the fact when will things return to normal.