22nd August, 2019
Aadhaar Related News

World Bank's Chief Economist Praises Aadhaar

Most sophisticated ID programme

World Bank's chief economist Paul Romer recently praised Aadhaar. Romer described Aadhaar as the world's most sophisticated ID programme in the world. He added that it would be good for the world if this system got widely adopted. Romer holds the view that the world needs to have one standardized system for people's ID. He said that other countries are also looking at similar programs, but research shows it's best to develop one standardized system so that people can carry their Ids wherever they go in the world.

Multi-purpose unique identity number

Aadhaar is a 12-digit unique identity number that is issued to all Indian residents. It is based on a person's biometric and demographic data. Used for identification purposes, Aadhaar is the world's largest biometric based identification system. As of 28 February 2017, over 1.123 billion persons have enrolled for Aadhaar.

Aadhaar compulsory for government programmes

Aadhaar is gradually being made mandatory for a number of government run services. For instance, in January this year, Aadhaar was made compulsory for members and pensioners of the Employee's Pension Scheme as well as for those registered under Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee (MGNREGA) Scheme. Aadhaar is also mandatory for the registration of vehicles in Tamil Nadu.