20th October, 2019
Aadhaar Related News

Aadhaar not a valid identity for international travel

Indians travelling to the neighbouring countries of Nepal and Bhutan need to learn that Aadhaar is not a valid identification for such travel. The Union home ministry has clarified that Indians can travel on valid national passport or voters’ IDs issued by Election Commission of India. Both the countries – Nepal and Bhutan – don’t require Indians to obtain visas to get into their territories. However, persons above 65 or below 15 years of age may travel on PAN card, driving licence, Central Government Health Service (CGHS) card or ration card for identification purposes but Aadhaar will not be valid for them too.

Aadhaar remains locally valid

Although, Aadhaar card is a mandatory document to obtain government subsidies on LPG and other social welfare schemes. The Aadhaar card, which has a 12-digit unique identification number and personal details like name and address, acts as a proof of identification and residence.

Documents needed for travel to Bhutan

Indians travelling to Bhutan by road are required to obtain an ‘Entry Permit’ from the immigration office of Royal Government of Bhutan at Phuentsholing. The office is located on the Indo-Bhutan border opposite Jaigaon, West Bengal. Bhutan employs nearly 60,000 Indians in the hydroelectric power and construction industry. To add to this, 8,000-10,000 workers enter and exit Bhutan everyday in border towns.

Documents needed for Nepal travel

The Nepal border is an open one and people who enter the country have to show any valid identity card but not Aadhaar.

Hassle free travel

As per a recent move, Indians flying abroad will not be required to fill departure cards beginning July 1. However, those travelling overseas via rail, seaport and land immigration checkposts will have to fill an embarkation card.