18th February, 2019
Aadhaar Related News

Aadhaar Card Mandatory to Receive LPG Subsidy

To continue receiving LPG subsidy, people will have to get their connection linked to the Aadhaar card. Not having an Aadhaar card won’t fetch any subsidy on gas cylinders. Earlier, the bank account number provided to the gas agency was enough to get the subsidy.

Now the consumer will have to first link their Aadhaar card number with their bank account and submit a copy of the same to their gas agency who will link it with their login details.

The scheme of directly linking from the gas agency has been withdrawn. The consumers who had given bank account numbers to the gas agency had to also submit copies of the Aadhaar card to the bank and gas agency. Sources at the gas agency said that more than 40,000 consumers have not submitted their Aadhaar card details yet. Consumers were getting 12 subsidized cylinders in a financial year.

A spokesperson of the Rasoi Gas Assocation said that in a departmental meeting of gas agency owners, there was an urge to appeal the rich to give up gas subsidy so that more poor people can light the flame in their kitchen. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had also appealed the rich to give up the subsidy to benefit the poor. 18, 0000 of 2.75 lakh LPG cooking gas consumers have so far said no to gas subsidy in Jamshedpur.

Senior administrative officials, gas agency owners, senior government officers and senior level officers of private companies gave up their subsidies here. The numbers are increasing day by day