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8,000 crore spend: Railways aims to bring improved security & comfort to your travel experience by 2023.

8,000 करोड़ खर्च: 2023 तक रेलवे का लक्ष्य आपकी यात्रा के अनुभव को बेहतर सुरक्षा और आरामदायक बनाने का है।

Indian Railways seem a lot more committed to provide world-class comfort to its passengers.

In an upcoming move, Indian Railways is going to introduce coaches with improved interiors and more facilities. It will induct about 40,000 coaches at an approximate cost of Rs 8,000 crore by 2023.

Railway department is also looking to strengthen the safety features in existing conventional coaches. It will equip strong couplers to prevent capsizing during accidents.

Phased plan

The Railways aim to have 40,000 new look coaches operational within five years.

The plan outlines retrofitting of 1,000 coaches in the current fiscal. The number will increase to 3,000 in the next fiscal and 5,500 coaches will be made available in subsequent years.

Besides, Railways expect to manufacture some 15,000 new coaches with upgraded features during 2018-19 and 2022-23.

Security in-Line

To improve the safety of railway coaches, all conventional coaches will be equipped with the centre-buffler couplers (CBC). CBCs have proven to be a stronger coupler system.

CBCs also enhance safety by providing anti-climbing features during accidents. It would cost about Rs 28 lakh to equip CBC in a coach.

Retrofiiting of coaches

As per the current plan, the retrofitting would cost about Rs 30 lakh per coach.

The new coaches will have:

  • refurbished interiors,
  • improved seating arrangement
  • newly designed bio-toilets
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