22nd January, 2018

One Stop centres could not relieve rape survivors, says report

The Delhi 2012 rape case stirred the response to gender based violence. One among such measures was establishment of ‘One stop centres’. But a recent report released by Human Right Watch tells that the ‘One stop centres have failed in their intent to serve effectively.

The centres established under Nirbhaya fund were meant to provide integrated services at one destination to help the assaulted. This includes police assistance, legal aid, medical care and counselling in one place. These centres were also to serve the purpose of collecting samples for forensic evidence.

What is wrong?

The report titled ‘Everyone Blames Me: Barriers to Justice and Support Services for Sexual Assault Survivors in India’, says that the scheme has failed in its intent as these centres were “set up hastily”. The centres were set up without any meaningful consultations with local rights groups and NGOs that were already running facilities for crisis-intervention much before the Centre launched its scheme. According to the report, the centres couldn’t maximise their reach to victims of gender-based violence as they lack in coordination with government departments, suffer inadequate resources such as counselors. There has also been a failure to link these centres with the helplines.

Where are these centres?

As on August 2017, 151 centres had been set up across the country under the scheme. The centres exist in Haryana, UP, MP and Rajasthan. The report is compiled after field work in these states.