18th January, 2018

Noida restaurants without designated smoking zone to face FIR

As per the Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products Act (COTPA), 2003, the Noida district administration has asked all restaurants, bars, pubs in the city to demarcate and segregate the “designated smoking area (DSA)”. The guidelines also mention of administrative action against the failure to do so.

Quantum of action

In case of violations, FIR will be lodged against the owner followed by punishment, a fine or both.

About DSA

The DSA shall be inside a four-walled enclosure with proper ventilation. A proper ventilation system should be provided so that the smoke exits the area and does not enter the non-smoking area (the other area of the restaurant/pub/bar).

Noida city magistrate, Mahendra Singh, has said that restaurants should not serve any food and beverages in the DSA.

The order dated October 27 also said that these areas/zones cannot be built at the entrance or the exit of the restaurant or pub.

DSA to exhibit warning

The smoking area shall also have a board measuring at least 60x30 centimetre. The pasted-board shall have the warning saying “Tobacco smoking is injurious to your health and of those who do not smoke”. The warning should be written in black letters in both English and an Indian language. The warning shall also mention “No one under 18 years of age allowed”.