22nd January, 2018

These Indian railway stations have an interesting about them

Indian train journeys haven’t failed to impress even now. While such journeys hugely fascinate the foreign tourists, they remain a big hit among Indians as well.

Railway is the life line of India. It connects people, states and has held even the distant regions together.

While some stations hold interest for their architecture like CST in Mumbai some are talked about frequently for their cleanliness and mirror-like floors like Sri Mata Vaishno Devi station in Katra in Jammu.

Some railway stations are talked about for they span over two states. Yes, you read it right!

The interesting part is that they are not that huge but are situated on such state borders that while one entry-point lies in one state the other entry-point (far in the end) lies in another state.

IndiaHub takes you to a tour of a few such stations.

Bhawani Mandi Station

Bhawani Mandi is a border town in Rajasthan. The unique thing about this railway station is that the northern part of the platform is in the Mandsaur district of Madhya Pradesh, while the southern part of it is in Jhalawar, which is a district in Rajasthan.

The geographical location is such that at this station, when you enter you are in Rajasthan, but to get to the counter to book a train ticket, you will have to go to Madhya Pradesh.

Bhawani Mandi Railway Station and its periphery is almost equally divided between the two states.

While the entrance and waiting room lies in Rajasthan, the booking window is in Madhya Pradesh. So logically, you can say that one has to cross the Rajasthan border to get the tickets.

Navapur Station

Navapur is taluka situated on the Maharashtra-Gujarat border. One half of it is in Maharashtra, and the other half is in Gujarat.

The track runs such that when a train halts at Navapur Railway station, it is half in Maharashtra and half in Gujarat.

The ticket booking staff sits in Maharashtra but the passenger in the que stands in Gujarat.