18th January, 2018

Morocco to link citizen services on Aadhaar footsteps

After a 10-day visit to India, Morocco will soon adopt an Aadhaar-like linking system for various services for citizens.

Morocco sent a high-level delegation to India to study the implementation of Aadhaar-linked services. The ten-day visit ended on November 6. The delegation was led by its Interior Minister Noureddine Boutayeb.

Other inspirations

Apart from Aadhaar, the Moroccan delegation studied the Indian system of Crime, Criminal Tracking Network & System (CCTNS) and benefits like Direct Bank Transfers (DBT), Gas subsidy and Digitised Banking System.

Boutayeb informed his Indian counterparts that Morocco is in the process of implementing programmes based on the Indian socio-economic model and that his delegation’s primary focus was to learn from the experiences of development and socio-economic reforms initiated by the Modi Government.

Morocco and India Bonhomie

Morocco is Africa’s second biggest and second fastest growing economy. It is India’s key counter-terror partner in North Africa. Morocco is emerging as de-radicalization partner for Delhi in North Africa.

It is not known widely that Morocco has launched a modernisation program for imams of Rijiju.

The two sides may soon work for liberal visa system for each other in addition to the Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty.

Morocco is also a critical partner in India’s food security. It has a supply base of phosphates and may emerge as India’s gateway to European and African markets as a fast growing and diversified economy.