22nd January, 2018

Incentives to states promoting skill development and employment, suggests EAC-PM

In its second meeting on Friday, Nov 10, the Economic Advisory Council to the Prime Minister (EAC-PM) has outlined a road map to step up the skill development, job creation and better resource investment in the social sector.

The council is considering incentivisation of states which achieve health, education and social inclusion outcomes. The initiatives are planned to boost the infrastructure planning in the health and education sector. The council has accorded high priority to infrastructure financing.

Chaired by Niti Aayog Member, Bibek Debroy, the EAC-PM has formulated the recommendations to guide the evolving framework for the 15th Finance Commission.

Other inclusions

The Council is also evolving the design of new improvements needed in National Accounts and innovative steps for pushing the growth, exports and employment potential. It is also considering transformation of India’s Gold Market.

Presentations by experts were made to the Council on key themes. He underlined the need for

Health dawning

During the meeting, NITI Aayog member Vinod K Paul highlighted the strategies for achieving Swastha Bharat by 2022.

EAC’s refined approach

The EAC is recognized for linking the economic growth with social aspects. It aims to establish last mile connectivity. It has adopted an independent institutional mechanism for providing informed advice to the Prime Minister.  

Its first meeting was held last month in which it stressed upon the need to accelerate economic growth and employment over the next six months. It also identified 10 areas on which it will prepare reports and make recommendations to the government over the next few months.