30th September, 2020

Facebook plans digital training for half a million Indians

Facebook India has finally launched Digital Training and Startup Training Hubs for personalized online learning. The learning centres would help small businesses and people in India to grow by imparting the digital skills that are required in today’s digital economy.

A statement issued by Facebook said, these online training hubs would aim to train more than half a million people in India by 2020.

The first-in-India facility is developed in collaboration with local organizations, such as Digital Vidya, EDII, DharmaLife and StartupIndia that would develop the learning curriculum.

The programme will provide digital skills and training for people searching work and advise entrepreneurs on how to get started. It will help existing businesses and non-profits to make the most of the internet.


The curriculum is said to be personalized to the individual’s needs and is available in English and Hindi on mobile.

  • It will give vital skills for digital-skill seekers and tech entrepreneurs.
  • It will provide free social and content marketing training.
  • It will train how to protect your ideas, how to hire, how to go about getting funding, what regulations and legal hurdles you need to consider, how to build an online reputation, and a whole host of other critical skills required to succeed in today’s digital world.


Small business owners would learn how to create an online presence. The non-profits may reach new communities and potential donors. The tech entrepreneur may learn to turn their product idea into a startup through practical business advice.