30th September, 2020

Aadhaar authentication may soon be directed from Aadhaar mobile app

Upping the ante of Aadhaar enabled transactions, the government is planning to make Aadhaar authentication process easier. The government may soon initiate Aadhaar verification by linking it with mAadhaar phone app.

It needs mention that the app already exists, it is only the verification that would get linked with the app now.

Rise in Aadhaar transactions

The rise in Aadhaar Payments using the biometric ID has been phenomenal. Over 148.3 crore Aadhaar authentications (using the unique ID) were made last month. Over 100 crore transactions were made in August.

More than 31 crore OTP (One Time Password) transactions have been recorded in the recent past. And hence the government plans to make all Aadhaar authentications based on OTPs.

Doing away from mobile network

The UIDAI network has performed poorly as it suffered from delayed delivery of OTP to the registered mobile number. Sometimes, passwords are not even delivered due weak network .

The mAadhaar aims to eliminate this problem by not depending on mobile networks.

The app has a time-based OTP (TOTP), which will be send a new OTP after every 30 seconds. It would wait  for 30 seconds before sending a new TOTP and will save the hassle of waiting for an OTP to arrive. TOTP is used by almost all the mobile apps for verificatio process and it has made the transactions quick and convenient.