30th September, 2020

Noida authority strengthens vigilance on haphazard road-digging

The continuous repairing of roads or digging up of new ones in a haphazard manner, has irked the Noida residents in the past.

Taking cognizance of the situation, the Noida Authority has now decided to put an end to the practice of sudden digging or cutting of roads here. It has now ordered to take mandatory permission from all departments before digging up a new road.

Residents had earlier alleged that the concerned authorities are not doing a perfect job of maintaining roads or any vacant spaces, inducing pollution in their day-to-day living environment. The haphazard way of digging roads was one of the big concerns, adding to the rising levels of pollution in the city.

Delhi/NCR region, which has been engulfed in pollution so far, saw the pollution index level going beyond the ‘severe’ mark of 400, dropping to 526 towards the end of October in Noida specifically.  

Digging up roads, the gathering dust on the footpath and under-construction or vacant plots are all sources of high pollution.

Only now, Alok Tandon, chairperson & CEO of Noida Authority has directed officials to do coordination with every department, to make utility installations like water, sewage, electricity, telephone and optical fibre network before digging of any road.

The utility installation is one of the prime reasons for road repairing or haphazard road cutting.