15th October, 2018

GDA to pay Rs 1200 crore to realise Madhuban Bapudham housing scheme

The Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA) has received a conditional nod to initiate the process of land-acquisition for Madhuban Bapudham housing scheme. The divisional commissioner has directed GDA to deposit Rs 1,282 crore by November 29 to begin the process.

The District magistrate Ritu Maheshwari, who is also the vice chairperson of GDA, is confident that the money will be deposited by November 29.

The divisional commissioner has given a green signal for awarding land-compensation to farmers under Madhuban Bapudham housing scheme. The compensation amount will be twice the circle rate now.

About the housing scheme

The Maduban Bapudham scheme is said to be the biggest housing scheme launched by GDA ever. It was conceived in 2004. The plan said to acquire 1,234 acre from five villages --Sadarpur, Mainapur, Morta, Nagla Patt and Yakutpur.

But GDA managed to acquire 800 acre from farmers at a rate of 1,100 per square metre.

After acquisition, the farmers and Sahara group, who owned the land, approached high court and demanded higher compensation.

Allahabad high court ruled in GDA’s favour, and ruled that GDA may acquire another 153 acre.

But 76 farmers who owned 281 acre in 2010, went to the Supreme Court against the high court decision.

The Supreme Court, after seven years on November 30 2016, overturned HC’s order and decided in favour of farmers. The SC directed GDA to give compensation to farmers which is twice the circle rate.

The SC said that if the entire land-acquisition issue would not be resolved in one year (by November 29, 2017), GDA will have to return the land to farmers.

As the SC deadline nears the end, GDA is still counting its money to pay compensation to farmers for land acquisition. It is running the risk of shelving Madhuban Bapudham housing scheme altogether.