29th May, 2020

Isro rocket can be made in just 3 days, design underway

India is just on the edge to revolutionise the satellite launch system in the country.

Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) is developing a satellite launch vehicle that may be assembled in just 3 days. The normal launch vehicle usually takes 30-40 days to get assembled.

The small launch vehicle would save not just the time but the cost too. It is said that it can be built at almost one-tenth of the cost of the currently used PSLV that can cost anywhere between Rs 150 to Rs 500 crore.

Isro is ready developing the small launch vehicle that is likely to get ready by 2018-end or early-2019.

However, it would launch rockets up to 500 to 700 kgs only up to polar sun-synchronous orbit or near-earth orbit (500-700 km altitude). 

Isro is planning this launch vehicle due to emerging trend of nano-satellites. Isro may ready it in on a 3-day notice, and hence it may get a lot of foreign satellites for launch. Isro launched 104 foreign satellites in one go on Feb 15 this year.