19th May, 2019

BJP received 461 crores from unknown sources, Congress received 186 crore rupees

A report by the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) suggested that the BJP received 461 crore rupees in 2015-16 as donations from unidentified sources. This is almost 81 percent of its total income. The case of Congress was not very different with its 71 percent income or 186 crore rupees coming from unrecognized sources. After citing their tax returns, the report suggested that the two parties have received 646.82 crore rupees, or over 77 per cent, of their total income. The key income sources for the ruling BJP and Congress were voluntary contributions and coupon sales. The  total income of two parties came to 832.42 crore rupees in fiscal 2016. ADR commented that the total declared income of the BJP and the Congress came at 570.86 crore rupees and 261.56 crore rupees respectively, in 2015-16.