15th October, 2018

Power firms may pass cost of green upgrade to customers

Delhi shall get prepared to shell some extra money to pay for their electricity bills soon.

The government is considering making regulatory changes that would allow the power firms to pass on the costs of installing emission-cutting equipment to the customers.

The move may encourage the power companies to make the green move but would notably pinch customers’ pockets

Why the move?

The government is clearly paving the way for the power firms to go green after the serious health crisis faced by Delhi in recent smog-episode.

The government ordered power companies to cut emissions and major power forms like Reliance Power, Adani Power, NTPC and GMR expressed the need of huge money to retrofit their facilities.

Alternatively, they expressed if the customers may be made to pay higher tariffs to cover the cost.


The long-term power purchase agreement may be altered as it limits the costs that can be carried by the customer.