19th January, 2020

Fly easy with Aadhaar-linked entry at airports

The year 2018 would usher in the true revolution ushered in by Aadhaar, at least at some places.

The domestic flyers from Vijayawada, Ahmedabad and Kolkata will get to enter the airports like a whiz, if they will link their Aadhaar with their air-tickets. The linking will have to be done at the time of booking their travel.

The state-extension of Airport Authority of India will implement the government’s ‘Digi Yatra’ early next year at these airports. The biometric-entry will be enabled here on a pilot basis and it would get rolled out across the country gradually.

How will it work?

The travellers will use stored biometrics to prove their identity when entering the terminals. An e-gate at the terminals will read the biometrics and authenticate travel details. The gates will open on successful authentication.

The Aadhaar-linked flight database will shoe their booking details including the flight-details and after the security screening they will be allowed access to boarding gate as the flight departure would near.

This would eliminate the need to show paper tickets, ID cards and boarding pass too.

The passengers opting for ID other than Aadhaar will have to go through the manual process of check-in.

The Airport at Bengaluru and Hyderabad are already offering Aadhaar-based entry into their terminals.