22nd January, 2021

Mobile app to ease police verification for obtaining passport

The Regional Passport Office in Madurai is planning to make the process of getting a passport quicker.

It plans to introduce a mobile application that can expedite police verification process and hence cut down the time taken for issuing new passport. The time may reduce from current 25 days to 10 days, once the application starts running.

Madurai m-app for passport

The service would be introduced in three police stations of Madurai city and Madurai rural district. It would gradually be expanded to all police stations in the south zone comprising nine districts.

A training programme on Passport M-app will be conducted for Inspectors of Police.

It usually takes at least 25 days for the police verification process. It is because the copies of passport applications are physically sent from the Passport Office to police stations through the office of Commissioners of Police or Superintendents of Police.

Apart from being laborious, it involves huge cost for taking printouts and postal charges.

New system

But, under the new system, each police station would be given a software-loaded tablet which could be carried by the police personnel to the house of the applicant for verification.

The moment an application is loaded into the RPO system, it is sent to the tablets. The police constable goes to the applicant’s house and makes entries on the tablet.

He would take photograph of the applicant and obtain his digital signature. Upon verification by the DPO or CPO, the same could be sent to the RPO on a real-time basis.

The tablet comes loaded with a global positioning system to ensure that the policeman conducted the physical verification of the applicant only at his residence. The process is simple as the constable had to just click buttons to cross-check details of the applicant.

The entire paper-less process is said to take only two minutes.