29th May, 2020

Kerala Prisoners May Enroll For Aadhaar Now In Jails

Cutting across the age and other social barriers, the state Prisons department in Kerala has launched an ambitious programme to provide Aadhaar cards to jail inmates also.

Being a prisoner will now no longer be a hurdle to get an Aadhaar card. Nearly 3,500 convicted prisoners in various state jails will be covered in the initial phases.

The jail authorities have even expressed to keep the records of the Aadhaar numbers of inmates to keep a tab on them after they completer their respective terms.

The initiative has been launched in various state jails and 27 prisoners at Central Jail at Poojappura have enrolled for Aadhaar last week.

As prisoners from all strata are linked with Aadhaar, the initiative envisages to help prisoners get Aadhaar.