29th May, 2020

Is Facebook Too Preparing To Seed Aadhaar?

Though the mandatory Aadhaar linkage with various services has evoked privacy concerns and is facing legal challenge, even then the Aadhaar is increasingly being made a prime requisite for authentic identity proofs.

Now the Facebook India also wants to use your Aadhaar for opening new social accounts. In a new testing feature, it is encouraging to open new accounts and is requesting people to submit their “names as in their Aadhaar cards”.

The prompt by Facebook says “Using the name on your Aadhaar card makes it easier for friends to recognise you”. Though not everyone can see this prompt while opening a new account as Facebook says this is a new feature and only a few users would see this, according to reports.

It is an optional prompt and users may choose not to enter the name as on their Aadhaar cards.

Only name, Not number

The Facebook prompt has not evoked concerns so far as it is not asking for the Aadhaar number. But the move has gained attention as various services faced concerns over mandatory seeding with Aadhaar.

Facebook Not Alone

A few weeks ago, online retailer Amazon too had asked its customers to upload their Aadhaar numbers. This was done with an aim to track the lost packages. However, Amazon clarifies that it has a secure form of storing information. And Aadhaar verification will only be done in cases where a detailed check is needed in case of a missing or wrong delivery. The customers will have to upload a scanned copy of their Aadhaar card on their Amazon.in account.

Zoomcar, a Bengaluru-based car rental service, had said that it won’t accept bookings without Aadhaar as proof of identity.