30th September, 2020

India declares $200,000 aid for hurricane hit countries in Carribean

On 19 September 2017, India declared an emergency aid of $200,000 to the most affected countries after being hit by recent hurricanes in the Caribbean. Observing that the Caribbean have a special place in the hearts of Indians, she added that India aims to continue interacting with its Caribbean partners on an annual basis on the lines of UN General Assembly. External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj commented in her address to the CARICOM ministerial meeting on the sidelines of UN General Assembly, “We feel your pain. In this trying hour, we stand with you. We know your people are resilient. We stand ready to assist in your efforts to rebuild broken lives. Our efforts go out to all those affected. I offer our heartfelt condolences on the loss of precious lives.” She also declared another $2 million fund from the India-UN Partnership Fund for South-South Cooperation for the rehabilitation projects in the region. She added, “I am asking our mission to the UN to work with our partners in Antigua and Barbuda as well as Dominica and other partners to earmark an amount of $2 million from the India-UN Partnership Fund for South-South Cooperation for rehabilitation projects in CARICOM.”