21st January, 2019

Greater Chennai attacks breeding-grounds to handle dengue

Greater Chennai Corporation has woken up to the whining mosquito sound in the city; this time, to do some serious spadework. Its workers have ventured out to treat the potential dengue menace by clearing 175 tonnes of waste every day. The initiative is appropriately titled as the- Massive Dengue Drive.

More recently, Tamil Nadu, including its prime base Chennai, Coimbatore, and Tiruchy, have witnessed a high death toll- courtesy Dengue. It is, by far, the third-most affected state after Kerala and Karnataka. The dengue problem has been massive here, with almost 30 fresh cases being reported daily now.

It was natural for the civic body to spring into action, even though it clearly is a reactive measure and not a constructive, proactive ground framework to deliberate on dengue menace every year. This time, dengue has been classified as an outbreak in the Chennai city.

As a part of this initiative, abandoned or damaged vehicle like-sources of dengue will be under check. The plan is to keep a tab on every possible mosquito breeding surface in reality. The corporate workers have removed 175 tonnes of scrap from old vehicles till now.

Over 200 teams have been formed consisting of 2,825 mosquito labourers, 14,902 conservatory workers, deployed to work using 331 fogging machines and 32-vehicle mounted machines. There are medical camps under progression to identify new fever cases. Plus, there are changes being implemented in district-level hospitals to accommodate the rush and provide adequate treatment.