30th November, 2020

Skill Development In Textile Gets Rs 1300 crore From Centre

To promote the skill development of youth in the textile sector, the Centre has given its nod to a new scheme. The scheme would train and appropriately provide the job-placement to the trained youth. The scheme titled ‘Scheme for capacity building in Textile Sector’ is estimated to cost Rs 1,300 crore rupees.  

The training institutes of various states will enter into agreements with Union textile wing to provide the training.

The budget for the scheme will be released in two phases –2017-18 and 2019-20.

The scheme has been unveiled after seeing the huge employment potential in the budget sector. The scheme proposes to provide salary-based secured jobs to 70 percent of the trained work force.

The youth placed under the scheme will be subjected to regular monitoring while being on the job.