22nd September, 2018

Frequently asked questions about Teacher Education Scheme (Linked To Strengthening Of Teachers Training Institutes)

Teacher Education Scheme frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the provisions under Teacher Education Scheme ?

The scheme provides in-service and pre-service training for teacher education. For this, District Institutes of Teacher Education (DIETs), Colleges of Teacher Education (CTEs) and Institutes of Advanced Study in Education (IASEs) have been established.

2. How is the Teacher Education Scheme funded ?

The scheme is funded with cost sharing pattern of 75:25 between Centre and States (90:10 for North-Eastern States).

3. How does the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009 affect the teacher education system in the country ?

The above act requires Central Government to provide technical support, resources and guidelines for providing best practices in training of teachers. Minimum qualification is required for persons to be appointed as teachers.

4. What are the challenges facing the Teacher Education in the country ?

These include enabling school teachers to acquire minimum qualifications, regulating and reforming the training and professional development of teachers, building capacity, reforming school curriculum, pedagogy and assessment and developing networks between various departments engaged in teacher education.

5. What are the provisions of the revised Teacher Education Scheme ?

The revised scheme includes providing support and up-gradation for DIETs/IASEs/SCERTs/CTEs/BITEs. Other provisions include professional development of teachers, introducing technology and public-private partnership in teacher education.

6. What is the function of DIETs in teacher education ?

DIETs are district-level educational institutes which organize programmes for training teachers and also provide a platform for research and experimental work in education.

7 What is the role of SCERT in teacher education ?

SCERTs develop curriculum and assessment procedure for schools. They also provide training programmes for teachers, teacher educators and administrators in planning and management.

8. How does the scheme provide for teacher education in minority areas ?

Block Institutes of Teacher Education (BITEs) in 196 districts will be opened in SC/ST/Minority concentrated areas to provide teachers’ training to train school teachers belonging to minority communities.

9. How does Prashikshak help teacher education in the country ?

Prashikshak is an online Teacher Education Portal launched to strengthen DIETs by helping them to make informed administrative decisions. It openly collects and reports data on an online platform to be used by teacher educators, DIET faculty and policy makers.

10. How does the scheme provide professional development to teacher educators ?

Under the scheme, 50 Indian institutions will prepare and conduct 21-days refresher courses for teacher educators serving in DIETs/CTEs/IASEs with central assistance up to Rs. 2 lakhs per course.