21st September, 2018

Frequently asked questions about Scheme For Relief And Rehabilitation Of Rape Victims

Scheme for Relief and Rehabilitation of Rape Victims frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the highlights of the Scheme for Relief and Rehabilitation of Rape Victims ?

The scheme provides financial support up to Rs. 2 Lakhs and rehabilitation expenses up to Rs. 50000 for rape victims. Compensation also includes accommodation, medical aid, counseling, educational and vocational training to rape victims.

2. What are the principles that determine relief and rehabilitation for rape victims ?

The scheme considers physical and mental suffering of rape victims, financial loss incurred due to pregnancy or child birth, and cases where victims are incapacitated from further employment or even when death results as a consequence of rape.

3. How can rape victims claim compensation from the scheme ?

The rape incident needs to be reported and registered by the victim or her representative and the police station shall forward the FIR and medical reports to the District Board for Financial Relief and Rehabilitation. After standard procedures, the Board shall award relief and financial aid to victims.

4. What is the constituent body administering the scheme for rape victims ?

The National Board for Criminal Injuries Relief and Rehabilitation administers the implementation of the scheme. It also allocates funds and monitors the functioning of its state and district level boards for the same.

5. Are there provisions for enhancing relief under special cases of rape incidents ?

The scheme provides for enhancing the relief up to Rs. 3 Lakhs in cases where victims are minors, mentally challenged or handicapped persons, and when victims are impregnated or infected with STDs or when they face severe medical injuries.

6. What are the mechanism available to combat trafficking of women and children ?

The Ministry of Women and Child Development has implemented the Ujjawala scheme to rescue children and women victims from the place of their exploitation and provide rehabilitation services like food, shelter, medical and counseling support.

7. What are the highlights of the Nirbhaya Fund ?

The Nirbhaya Fund was created in 2013 with an annual non-lapsable budget of Rs. 1000 Crores for implementing various initiatives to enhance safety and security of women in the country.

8. What are the schemes launched under the Nirbhaya Fund ?

The fund has been utilized for establishing One Stop Centres and Women Helpline numbers to provide rape victims with assistance. Mahila Police Volunteers serve as links between police and community to help women in distress.

9. What are the responsibilities of One Stop Centres ?

One Stop Centres are created to offer medical, legal, emotional and counseling support to rape victims. These centres also help in registration of police complaints including rehabilitative support to victims.

10. What are some of the Emergency services for women in distress ?

Emergency Support System is provided for prompt assistance to the distress calls of victims. Railway Department is providing women passengers emergency response services at 983 railway stations.