21st September, 2018

Frequently asked questions about Passport

Passport | Frequently Asked Questions

What are the various passport services available?

The passport services are completely different from one another, and used for fulfilling your requirements. The applicants have the right to issue for fresh passport or there are separate rules meant for re-issuing of passport. The team from PSK would also like to help you in some miscellaneous services. If you want, you can procure their help for issuing police clearance certificate or PCC from the same local PSK. In case, you had a passport in past, then you must choose the re-issue category.

What are the passport types issued in India?

There are mainly three types of passports, as issued for the Indian citizens. The first one is ordinary passport. It has a blue cover and comprises of 36 to 60 pages. It is mainly valid for 10 years from the issue date. Another kind of passport is the diplomatic passport, which has a maroon cover and issued to only some designated members of national judiciary, governance or statutory authorities. There is another official passport available, which has grey colored cover and mainly issued to designated non-gazette government servants.

How can you apply for passport in new system?

For issuing fresh passports and even for re-issuing your passport in the new system, you need to first fill out the online application form. It can be done through e-form submission, or you can do that through online form submission. For helping you out on Police Clearance Certificate, you might even need to fill PCC application form online. This can also be done in the same manner through online form submission or through e-form submission, whichever is viable to you.

Is it possible for obtaining a full validity passport of 10 years for minor who is 16 years old?

Minors, between the age group of 15 - 18 years can now apply for 10 years validity passport. They can even apply for the passport, which is said to be valid till their 18 years of age. However, the fee for 10 years validity passport is higher when compared to fee for passport, which they can get after reaching 18 years of age. However, 10 years validity passport can’t be issued to any applicants without any police verification of submission of the parent’s passports.

What is a Passport Seva Kamp?

Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) is a mobile van offering passport sefrvices. It has been deployed in different areas, which are currently situated far away from the regular PSKs, like the University campuses and some identified cities or town. Applicants, who are currently residing in some notified areas, are asked to visit these camps for submitting their passport documents. Each camp comprises of Citizen Service Executive, Granting Officer, Verification officer and consoles, along with some devices used for application data entry procedures.

How can you make payments before visiting seva kendras?

Online payment is defined to be mandatory for booking appointments at the passport seva kendra. It is to be made using any of the three methods, as mentioned over here. You can make the payment online using your credit or debit cards. It can be anyone, either Visa or the MasterCard. Payment can further be made using internet banking, under SBI and associate banks only. You can even take help of the SBI Bank Challan, for making the requisite payments for passport applications.

What are the necessary documents to carry while going for passport through seva kendras?

There are some significant documents needed for applying for passport through camp. You need to procure online ARN receipt, as printed from the official passport seva portal. Other than that, as a proof, you have to carry SBI payment receipt, whenever it is applicable. Moreover, you need to carry originals of required supporting documents with self-attested photocopies, two recent passport size photographs with white backgrounds and existing or old passport booklet for re-issuing your passport. The verification officer will cancel your old passport booklet.

What kind of photo is required for passport?

It is mandatory for you to provide recent photos only, which is not going to be more than 6 months old. The photographs need to be in color. It must have a white background, which can help in making the features distinguishable. The photos must be of good quality and in clear manner. It has to be printed on the normal types of photographic paper, and un-mounted for passport and Visa applications. Your face needs to be in the middle of frame.

When can you reapply for your passport?

You can apply for a new passport on expiry or nearly one year before the expiry of any passport, with a validity of 10 years. For applying for a new passport, you have to fill out application form number 1, with two latest identical photos of passport size. You also have to enclose your recently expired or current passport. This needs to be done if the latest passport is additional booklet, as issued to original passport. For that, you need to submit additional booklets too along with original passport.

What are the points for procuring ECNR status on passports?

There are some persons, who have the right to get Emigration Check Not Required (ECNR) status on passports. This status is meant for those people staying abroad for 3 years and more from the date of entry. It can be incorporated in passport of those persons, holding secondary school certificated, or recognized vocational training. Some of the dependent children of parents are even eligible to get ECNR mark on their passports. Even people above the age group of 50, can get the same status on their passports.