21st September, 2018

Frequently asked questions about National Skill Certification and Monetary Reward Scheme

National Skill Certification and Monetary Reward Scheme (STAR) Frequently Asked Questions

1. What courses are available under this scheme?

The Scheme is intended to cover all job roles in all sectors. But initially it will cover only a limited number of high-market-demand job roles in specified economic sectors from Levels 1 to 4 in the National Skills Qualifications Framework (NSQF). The list of Job Roles is available on the STAR Scheme website at http://nscsindia.org/Documents.aspx

2. Is there an age limit to be enrolled?

There is no age criterion under the Scheme. However, the minimum and maximum eligibility for the course mentioned in the Qualification Pack of the course must be adhered to.

3. Is there a training fee?

Trainees will need to pay for the training and assessment fees directly to the Training Provider. Upon certification, instructions will be sent to bank to credit the eligible monetary award to the registered account number with 10 working days. The Training Partner can also provide credit to such candidates and waive off the course fee. However in this case too, the Assessment fee will not be waived. The Training Partner would then be paid from the award money by the trainee after getting certified.

4. How to select a training center?

There are multiple training centres registered presently across country. List of training centres along with the courses they provide and locations can be found here:  http://nscsindia.org/Sitemap.aspx

5. How to register for the training course?

Any eligible candidate can get registered with any of the approved Training Providers for the approved courses. Training Partner captures all the candidate details in the Skill Development Management System (SDMS) and facilitates the training.

6. What are the awards of the scheme?

Upon successful assessment, the candidate will be given a certificate as well as a monetary reward of an average of Rs. 10,000 per candidate.


NSQF Levels 1&2

NSQF Levels 3&4

Manufacturing courses



Service & other sectors



  The monetary reward will be wholly funded by the Ministry of Finance, Government of India, and will be affected through direct bank transfer to the beneficiaries’ accounts.

7. How will money be transferred to the fully certified trainee?

After assessment and certification of a candidate, NSDC will disburse the monetary reward into the trainee’s bank account. In case the trainee has undergone training on credit with the training partner, the training partner is expected to make suitable arrangements with the trainee, to ensure that any credit amount is repaid to the training partner on receipt of the eligible monetary reward by the trainee. A suitable Undertaking needs to be signed by the trainee and accepted by the trainee’s bank.

8. Who is eligible to become a training partner with NSDC?

All institutions, government or private (who, during the last two years, have been selected by any State Government or any Ministry of the Government of India to implement any Government funded/ sponsored scheme), or are NSDC partners, are deemed to be part of the approved list of training providers under this scheme. Any other training provider who wishes to participate in the scheme needs to contact the relevant SSC and get affiliated through a formal process based on an Affiliation Protocol.

9. What is the procedure to register as new training partner? What is the registration fee?

All Training providers, who have no prior affiliation with any government institution or NSDC, will need to submit an application form to the relevant Sector Skill Council (SSC) based on an Affiliation Protocol document, which will be made available on the SSC website. Interested training partners will have to align their courses based on the National Occupational Standards (Level 1-4) which are available on the NSDC website. Fees to be paid by the Training Partner will be decided by the relevant SSC.

10. Whom to contact for more information, queries and feedback?

You can send an email to star@nsdcindia.org or give a missed call at +91 88000-55555