21st September, 2018

Frequently asked questions about National Service Scheme

National Service Scheme frequently Asked Questions

1. When was National Service Scheme (NSS) launched?

Indian Planning Commission approved the outlay for NSS for Rs. 5 Crore during the fourth five-year plan. On September 24 1969, the Union Education Minister, Dr. V.K.R.V. Rao launched the National Service Scheme in 37 Universities covering all the states. The total 40,000 students were registered in the pilot project covering all the Indian states. 

2. What is the motto and symbol of NSS? Highlight the functioning of National Service Scheme.

The watchword or motto of the NSS is “NOT ME BUT YOU”. The NSS symbol is made of "wheel of a rath" of Konark Sun Temple from Orissa. National Service Scheme, well known as NSS is a dimension extension to the education system to include the young students to community service while they study in educational institutions.

3. What is NSS unit and how can one join NSS unit?

NSS unit comprises of groups of NSS volunteers enrolled and working under the NSS programme officer in a college, school or university. Anyone can join NSS by registering/enrolling oneself in NSS unit through concerned Programme Officer. The scheme starts from Class 11th onwards but the Government of India has been planning to introduce the scheme for Class 9th as well. Those who have already graduated can join the open NSS unit.

4. What are the objectives of NSS?

NSS is a voluntary scheme. The main objective of NSS candidates is to understand themselves and the community and the relationship of both. Secondly, it helps them identify the problems and needs of the community by involving themselves in problem solving process. Thirdly, NSS also helps in developing a sense of civic responsibility and social sense among the volunteers. Fourthly, it aims to impart participation skills and democratic and leadership qualities along with social harmony and national integration.

5. What types of activities are taken by NSS?

NSS mainly take two kinds of activities--Special camping programs and Regular activities. The NSS volunteers have to wear NSS badge while working on the field during the community service. The volunteers have to devote a total 240 hours of social service in two years. The special camping programme offers 10 days of special camp in the adopted slum/village/area and normally 50 volunteers participate in the Special Camp. The volunteers are given light refreshment as per the specified rates.

6. What are the required academic qualification for the enrolment as NSS volunteers?

A student can join NSS at +1 stage or at the college level. Just like NSS Programme Officers, volunteers get 20 hours of orientation.

7. What are the physical standards for the participation in NSS Camp?

Besides the good health, the height of 165-175cms for male and 155-165 cms for female volunteers is required. During the natural calamities, NSS volunteers are expected to undertake rescue and relief operations in coordination with other government and NGO organizations.

 8. How many Regional NSS Centres are there in the country?

There are 15 Regional NSS Centres all over the country. Various projects of NSS are performed in coordination with other voluntary and government organizations.

9. What sort of benefits can one get from NSS?

The students can get some weightage when applying for higher studies and other additional benefits as decided by the university/institutions. The volunteers receive a certificate after completing one year of social service under the regulation of NSS in the educational institution. During the 2 years of volunteer service, it is important to attend 10 days special camp.

10. Put some light on NSS Inter-State Youth Exchange programme?

 NSS Inter-State Youth Exchange is sponsored by Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports where the volunteers from one state visit another state to understand and learn traditions and customs of other states.

11. What are the different National level projects taken by NSS and what's this year's special camping program theme?

The National Level projects taken by NSS are afforestation, AIDS awareness, blood donation camps, disaster management and environment cleanliness etc. For the extraordinary work, concerned State Government award state level awards and you can also get eligible for Indira Gandhi award at the National level. This year's special camping program is based on ‘Healthy Youth for Healthy India.’

12. In which year NSS launched the Universities Talk AIDS project and what are the contribution of NSS against the AIDS?

NSS launched the Universities Talk AIDS project in October 1991. National security Scheme has been creating awareness among masses and students with the help of seminars, rallies and Quiz contests.