21st September, 2018

Frequently asked questions about National Scheduled Caste And Scheduled Tribe Hub

National Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe Hub frequently Asked Questions

1. Who are the beneficiaries of National Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe Hub (NSSH)?

The scheme helps entrepreneurs from the scheduled caste and scheduled tribe communities by providing them professional support in setting up their businesses.

2. What are some of the benefits for SC/ST beneficiaries?

Under the National SC/ST Hub, SC/ST entrepreneurs will be encouraged to participate in government purchases through mentoring, workshops, capacity building, credit facilities and special subsidies.

3. Who will be involved in providing the scheme to beneficiaries?

For implementing the scheme, the hub will coordinate with major stakeholders like the Ministry of Micro and Small Enterprises, states, banks, ministries, private sector, academia and various industry associations.

4. What is Public Procurement Policy?

The government has introduced Public Procurement Policy which makes it compulsory for Ministries/Departments/Public Enterprises to procure 4 % of their goods and services from SC/ST owned enterprises.

5. How will the hub ensure the fulfillment of the Public Procurement Policy?

NSSH will facilitate Special Vendor Development Programmes to create meeting points between CPSEs/Ministries and SC/ST suppliers. Potential SC/ST vendors will be added in the supply chain and selected units will be supported through industry associations, financing schemes, technology up-gradation, etc.

6. Who will administer and ensure the functioning of the NSSH?

A high powered committee headed by Ministry for MSME will monitor the overall activity of the hub supported by an Advisory Body and an Empowered Project Approval Board.

7. How does the scheme help SC/ST entrepreneurs in capacity building and skill development?

Under the scheme, various seminars, workshops and training programmes will be organized for SC/ST entrepreneurs on numerous issues like capacity building, business skills and developing financial linkages. They will be mentored by industry experts on facilitating business infrastructure, credit, technology and marketing support.

8. What is the highlight of the Standup India Scheme?

The scheme provides that each bank has offer a bank loan between Rs. 10 lakh and Rs. 1 Crore to at least one SC/ST owned enterprise. This is to support entrepreneurship among SC/ST community.

9. What are the special subsidies provided for SC/ST entrepreneurs?

Under the scheme, 25 % capital subsidy on investment below Rs. 1 Crore will be provided to SC/ST entrepreneurs. Such enterprises can avail 100% subsidy on single point registration and 90% subsidy for Performance & Credit Rating Scheme.

10. How will the scheme provide marketing support to SC/ST enterprises?

The hub provides Special Marketing Assistance Scheme for SC/ST enterprises. Under the scheme, they will be assisted to visit or participate in various domestic and international exhibitions, seminars, trade fairs and other market-related activities.