24th September, 2018

Frequently asked questions about National Mental Health Program

National Mental Health Mission Frequently Asked Questions

What is National Mental Health Programme and when was it launched?

(NMHP) National Mental Health Programme was launched by the Government of India in the year 1982. It was introduced by the government keeping in view the growing mental illness within the community. The inadequate conditions in mental care infrastructure in the country were a major concern too.

What are the major service components of NMHP?

During the eleventh Five Year Plan, National Mental Health Programme consists of following components:

  • Rehabilitation
  • Treatment of mentally-ill patients
  • Promotion and prevention of positive mental care
  • District Mental Health Programme
  • Mental Health IEC (Information, Education, and Communication)
  • Training & Research
  • Monitoring and Evaluation

What is the aim of National Mental Health Programme?

The main aim of NMHP is the treatment and prevention of neurological and mental disorders and other associated disabilities.

  • The use of high-end technology in order to improve the general mental health services in the country.
  • The application of health principles for overall national development to improve the quality of life.

What are the main objectives of the National Mental Health Programme?

The objectives of NMHP are as follows:

  • To encourage the implementation of knowledge of mental health in healthcare and social development.
  • To ensure the accessibility and availability of minimum national healthcare standards for all the citizens in the future, especially to the underprivileged and vulnerable sections.
  • To promote the participation of individuals and communities in the mental care service development to stimulate the efforts towards the self-help community.

Explain the work approach of National Mental Health Programme?

The National Mental Health Programme emphasizes on the different sets of approach in tackling various issues through:

  • Integration of basic health care with mental health
  • Preparation of tertiary health care institutions for the treatment of various mental disorders
  • Removal and awareness on multiple stigmas attached to mental illness and protecting the rights of mentally sick patients through different regulatory institutions such as State Mental Health Authority and Central Mental Health Authority.

Can you throw some light of District Mental Health Programme and its objectives?

In 1996, the Ministry of Health & Welfare added the district mental health programme under the NMHP as a centrally sponsored programme in four districts. During the Ninth Five-Year plan, it was further extended to 27 more districts all across the country. The main objectives of community-based DMHP are as follow:

  • To give sustainable mental healthcare services to the underprivileged community with other health services
  • Early detection of the illness and timely treatment
  • To give support to mental care facilities and to see that people don't have to travel long distance for hospitals or nursing care in the cities
  • Training mental healthcare team at the Nodal institutes in the State.

What are the components of services given by District Mental Health Programme?

  • Basic mental health care
  • The follow-up of treated patient
  • School mental care programme
  • Suicide-prevention
  • Communication, education and information activities

What are the basic mental care facilities and staff pattern of the programme?

The basic mental health care facilities include outdoor facilities, referral services, in-patient facilities and the follow-up services. The programme staff consists of Nodal officers, Clinical psychologists, Staff nurses, Psychiatrists and social worker.