21st September, 2018

Frequently asked questions about Members of Parliament Local Area Development (MPLADS)

Members of Parliament Local Area Development (MPLADS) Scheme Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Members of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme (MPLADS) ?

MPLADS is a scheme formulated by the Government of India on December 1993 which allows Members of Parliament, both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, to recommend development work to be carried out in his/her constituency by the district authorities.

2. Who is responsible for administering and implementing the scheme ?

The Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation administers and monitors the implementation of the scheme including fund release and policy formulation. The District Authority is responsible for sanctioning and timely and effective implementation of such recommended works.

3. What kind of projects is permitted under the scheme ?

Under the scheme, MPs can recommend works of development nature, creation of durable assets of national priority and provision of basic facilities based on the local needs of the people. For instance, works can include construction of school buildings, libraries, drinking water and electricity facilities in rural areas, roads, public toilets, footpaths, etc.

4. What is the amount allotted for the implementation of the scheme ?

under the scheme, an annual allocation of five crores rupees will be released in two equal installments for implementing development works.

5. Who sponsors the scheme ?

MPLADS is centrally sponsored scheme wherein non-lapsable funds are offered as grant-in-aids to district authorities for implementing the scheme.

6. How long does it take for work recommended by MPS to be sanctioned ? After sanction order, what is the time limit for completing the work ?

 All recommended eligible works will be sanctioned by the District Authorities within 75 days from the recommendation receipt after completing all formalities. The time limit for completion of the works by the implementing agency should not generally exceed one year.

7. What will happen in the case of suspended and abandoned MPLAD work under the scheme ?

In such a case, the work shall be completed by the State Government from its own funds. The State Government will also fix responsibility and take necessary disciplinary action against the erring officials.

8. What is ‘One MP – One Idea’ under the scheme ?

The Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation launched ‘One MP-One Idea’ scheme under the MPLADS to foster innovation spirit and grassroots competitiveness by involving local people to solve local problems. Under the scheme, annual competition is held in each Lok Sabha constituency based on the innovative ideas generated by the local people on development projects. The top three innovative ideas of the people will be selected for cash awards and certificate of appreciation for the next five innovations.

9. What are MPLADS Facilitation Centres under the scheme ?

An MP is entitled to spend a sum of Rs 5 lakh from the MPLADS funds to set up facilitation centres in the Nodal District to provide MPs all the information at one place relevant for the effective implementation of the scheme.

10. What is the role of the Implementing Agencies under the scheme ?

Implementing agencies have to carry out inspections by regularly visiting project sites to and specifications in a timely manner. They have to furnish physical and financial progress of each work to the District Authority every month. Additionally, they have to furnish completion report/certificates and utilization certificates to the District Authority within one month work completion and return the unspent balance amount from the MPLAD funds.